Cybercrime – virtual attack, real impact

Event on 21.04.2016


Mr. Karl-Friedrich Fecht, head of the department for security and sabotage protection as well as IT security at the Baden-Württemberg State Office for the Protection of the Constitution, answered more than just the key questions of interested company owners at our rooms in Bühl/Baden. He was joined by fellow speakers, Thomas Roth and Simon Zehnter, both experienced professionals.

Mr. Fecht showed an impressive view of the current state of corporate espionage (by foreign intelligence services) against medium-sized enterprises, which has intensified in recent years according to the findings of the German Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution. Mr. Fecht stated that there is no alleviation in sight in the future.

Thomas Roth and Simon Zehnter refer to themselves as security researchers and have impressive results in this field. As part of our event, both gave an interesting insight into the world of hackers and presented common attacks on networks and mobile devices.

Referenten Cyberbedrohungen

Image: German Economic Council, from left to right: Thomas Roth, Karl-Friedrich Fecht, Manuel Bohe, Konrad Walter (Economic Council), Simon Zehnter.