Perimeter safety

Methods for securing the property and building boundaries

Perimeter – what is it?

In the security environment, the areas that are located between a building and its outer boundary are designated on a horizontal and vertical level

Definition of horizontal and vertical perimeters

Definition of horizontal and vertical perimeters

Objective of a perimeter:


Perimeter protective measures aim to protect against unauthorised access, theft, vandalism, sabotage, burglary or arson.

Perimeter protective measures can be established using a variety of mechanical measures or technical systems (e.g. floor sensors, infrared barriers, camera systems).

Selection of possible mechanical perimeter protective measures:

  • Fence or wall in various heights and styles.
  •  Supplemented with measures to protect against climbing over or digging under.
  •  Have the fence set up as a double fence.
  •  Supplement the purely mechanical fence with various sensors to detect someone climbing over or sabotaging the fence.
  •  Vehicle sluice
  •  Vehicle access block

Selection of possible technical systems:

  • Camera systems day/night
  • Thermal camera systems
  •  Floor sensors
  •  Laser detection
  •  Infrared barriers
  •  Drone detectors
  •  Microwave sensors

Various perimeter protective measures are often combined in order to reliably detect a certain occurrence.

The protective measures should not just have a defensive character. To make sure effective countermeasures can be taken, possible threats have to be detected early and reliably and be able to be classified.

The challenge:

The challenge when designing a perimeter is to coordinate mechanical safety technology and electronic signalling systems so that alarm triggering occurs before the mechanical barrier (e.g. the fence) has been completely penetrated or overcome. The timeframe for taking countermeasures can be further pushed forwards. This significantly reduces the likelihood that a perpetrator will reach their target.

To enable an optimal and efficient interplay of the various sensors and systems, it is necessary for the danger management system in use to be integrally linked with the individual components.