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Security Control Centres

The heart of a security organisation - is better when it is state of the art

Security control centre, control room or security centre – whatever your business calls it, this is where the organisation’s most critical information is collected for making an assessment or taking an action.

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Nowadays, the terms “control centre” and “control room” sound a bit outdated and dusty. The image of a room full of mechanical or electrical displays, signal lights and outdated communication devices comes to mind.

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Although this metaphor is slightly exaggerated, many control centres are still far from maximizing their full potential in efficiency and protection. By applying the most suitable technological solutions, this situation can be remedied.

Checklists and telephones cannot compete with the levels of protection and effectiveness offered by the latest software, which operate seamlessly across diverse security systems, minimizing the risk of data loss and physical harm. When implemented correctly, security officers and designated employees can clearly view security notifications, assess them, communicate and make decisions quickly. All security alerts and events can be easily logged, documented, and saved in an organized and accessible manner.

Physical and cyber security attacks are far too common nowadays to ignore. No longer the domain of only large companies, businesses of all sizes have now become an appealing target to both targeted and mass cyber-attacks, in addition to being vulnerable to physical malfunctions, burglaries and break-ins. Damages go well beyond the immediate losses of data and equipment to disrupt operations and detrimentally affect businesses’ commercial reputation and competitiveness on the market.

Whether you are planning on building a new control center or updating an existing one, call us for a commitment-free, manufacturer-neutral consultation on how your security centre can be upgraded to a higher level of cyber and physical protection.

Image: Advancis

Image: Advancis

Questions you should ask during the planning or modernisation of a security centre, control centre or control room:

  • What technical, physical and legal requirements should be placed on the site?
  • How will the utilisation unit be designed (e.g. ergonomics, work and fire protection regulations, expansion and interior design)?
  • What requirements should be included the workplace design? How should reporting systems, software, media, security and communication platforms be implemented most effectively?
  • How can work processes and tasks be optimised with state-of-the-art systems? How can implementation be done efficiency and effectively?
  • What are the skills required for the technical planning (e.g. energy, IT, security technology, emergency power, information security, etc.)? And who can you rely on? (Small hint: on us!)
  • How should the organisational aspects be designed (e.g. staff, physical structures, operational processes, message chains, reporting systems, interfaces with authorities, etc.)?
  • What sort of investment is usually involved when undertaking such a project? What budget should be made available for the operating costs? What type of return on investment is appropriate?

Top reasons why you can find the answers to the above questions with us:

  • As a manufacturer-neutral engineering office, we are on your side. We are fully committed to your project’s success, applying the best solutions that meet the specific needs of your organization and operations.
  • You benefit from our rich collective skill set. Our team of experienced architects, engineers (e.g. for electrical engineering, safety engineering and fire protection), cyber-security and IT consultants ensure that you receive a top-tier, one-stop shop service!
  • We successfully see your project through to completion! From the first conversations and stock-taking, through the planning, tendering, monitoring of the implementation, until the successful testing and approval, we remain by your side from inception until realisation.

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