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Risk Analysis as a Quality Factor

Effective measures can only be defined once the risks have been properly assessed.

The content, scope and orientation of the security requirements are determined by countless variables derived from the specific situation, environment and related risks. There is a wealth of security providers and products for plants and systems offered on the market, and technologies are constantly evolving – but what risks need to be taken into consideration and be covered, particularly in your case? Will a standard solution suffice or will it leave security gaps and potential exposure to liabilities?

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In order to be able to answer these questions in full, we have developed a well-founded risk analysis methodology which systematically records and assesses all of the relevant risks and dangers. On all hierarchy levels. At all interfaces and process links. For all current or upcoming activities.

Our Risk Assessment Method (RAM) provides decision-makers with sound results pertaining to their business’ security needs and suggested solutions. We summarise a wealth of information that is based on grounded facts that have been analysed and evaluated. We thoroughly explore key priorities and clearly define meaningful boundaries under cost and benefit considerations.

Foundation: The correct risk formulation


Manuel Bohé

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Senior Security Consultant
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