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The rapidly growing pace of developments in the Information and Communications Technology domain (ICT) brings many opportunities in faster and more effective operations and competitiveness. But with the increase in opportunities comes the growing risk of cyber-attacks.

Many businesses assume that they don’t have anything worth stealing. Others are unaware of the constantly growing volume and sophistication of cyber-attacks. The bottom line is the same for both: They remain vulnerable.

This is true to businesses of any size. Despite media reporting data breaches of large corporations, small and medium size businesses are desirable targets for cyber-attacks:

  •         Their data is just as valuable if not more: from customers’ credit card information to being a gateway into their clients or partners’ computer systems as part of an integrated supply chain or a weak line and access point to their sensitive data and intellectual property.
  •         They tend to lack the knowledge to implement strong security procedures and policies against cyber-attacks.
  •         Unlike big corporations, they typically have limited security budgets and cannot afford applying all the security layers that large enterprises have in place.
  •         The IT director usually handles all the security matters that would otherwise be divided between several security professionals.  
  •         Their capabilities of detecting advanced malware and targeted attacks is usually lacking. As a result, systems might be infected for weeks or even months, before common security tools detect it. In cases of more sophisticated malware, it can remove itself without being detected after exfiltrating data.

With much to gain and little to lose, cyber attackers have strong incentives to target and attack companies of all sizes, not just enterprises.

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As cyber-security consultants, we identify the security gaps and vulnerabilities surrounding the protection of your most valuable assets. Applying well-founded analyses, we assess the strength of your ICT and security systems to reveal its weakest links.  We examine all the technical components, connections, systems and integrations of the IT and communication systems, as well as review all administrative privileges and working habits of their users.

We combine our detailed plan for a professional ICT security strategy with recommendations on the most suitable technological solutions to secure your endpoints, identity and network management, as well as applications and next-generation platforms including cloud, mobility, and big data and analytics.

Our strategy building includes formulating effective procedures, processes and best practices that meet operational and organizational needs, as well as legal and regulatory requirements.

Our thorough ICT security evaluation and strategy creation boosts your protection against all forms of unauthorised access and misuse.

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