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Turn Information security into a business growth facilitator

With the constantly growing volume of data breaches and cyber-attacks, the investment in an information security management system (ISMS) optimizes data breach risk mitigation and promotes commercial growth and a competitive advantage.  

ISO 27001 certification manifests to existing and potential clients that you are a reliable business partner. By showing that your business takes information security matters seriously, you build confidence and increase your business viability.  

Learn why you could benefit from ISO 27001 certification and how we make it easy for your business to get certified: Contact us for a free consultation.

Was werden Ihre Kunden dazu sagen?
Was werden Ihre Kunden dazu sagen?

We help you develop an information security management system (ISMS) that meets ISO 27001 standards and leads to its certification.

Our consulting services include helping you design security controls and aligning them with the business objectives of both the ISMS and your overall operations; identifying and prioritising key information assets that support business processes, and assessing them against relevant potential threats; facilitating cross-functional organizational awareness raising, participation, training and management engagement; integrating compliance with legal, regulatory, as well as third party requirements; and more.

Our services are modular and can be customized to address specific aspects of your ISMS or cover the development of a comprehensive ISMS, depending on your specific needs.

As ISO/IEC 27001 certified auditors, we are your service provider on the path to certification!

Key topics

Risk and structure analyses
Developing appropriate protection objectives
Modeling the information network

Internal audits in accordance with ISO 27001
Developing appropriate document structures
Documentation and review of your ISMS documentation

Audit preparation

Certification is key to demonstrate to your clients and business partners that your company meets internationally recognised standards of information security.

As experts and service providers, we help you to achieve compliance with the desired standard – “ISO 27001” or “ISO 27001 on the basis of IT basic protection”, paving the way to successful auditing and effective operations based on best practices.

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