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Fire Protection Planning

Strengthen prevention with expert fire safety know-how

“Within the network of structural, technical and organisational regulations, our fire protection planning shows you the safe way to fulfill the diverse requirements.”

We leverage our industry expertise to constructively analyse and assess the range of potential hazards and risks caused by fire and smoke in buildings complexes. Comprehensively evaluated in a cost-effective, sustainable, and fully documented manner, we create thorough, customized fire protection planning and safety reports for effective risk management and physical security practices.

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Expert evaluation of fire protection systems and solutions

Effective assessments of fire protection plans pave the way for optimized protection against a range of fire and smoke risks, boosting compliance with regulatory safety regulations. Our experienced professionals thoroughly examine your structural, technical, organisational and property-specific environment, draw up professional and standardised supporting documents that result in meaningful reports, resulting in efficient and cost-effective fire safety solutions.

Fire protection concepts – a structural target/actual-comparison

Sustainable fire protection must be devised on a case-by-case basis, ensuring practicality, usefulness and cost-effectiveness. The prerequisite for this is an expert target and the ability to compare and evaluate in-depth fire protection concepts: Which requirements and stipulations must be met? How effectively do these plans meet regulatory and commercial requirements? Are there gaps and shortcomings in the plans and in their cost-effectiveness?

The results of this analysis reveal the necessary measures, as well as potential alternative methods of implementation. They facilitate discussion with insurers, authorities, internal and external decision-makers. We create reliable, effective, and customised fire protection plans and concepts.

Fire protection planning and certification 

Fire protection certificates are structural proofs which must be provided for each construction project and are part of a professional fire protection concept. Anyone who draws up the design is responsible for ensuring that the scope, content and building plans are all compatible. Experienced experts meticulously assess all aspects, including structural changes and deviations, and obtain all necessary supporting documentation to ensure the approval of your plans and materialization of your unique ideas.

We are your fire protection partners. Whether you require a fire protection concept, fire safety documentation or an expert opinion on your fire protection plans, we oversee your project until successful completion!


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