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Fire Protection Documents and Graphics

Achieve clear, compliant, and concise fire protection plans

Fire protection documents and graphics: effective organisational fire protection

Effective fire safety documents and graphics clearly outline the measures and actions of a company’s organisational fire protection, facilitating fire prevention and damage mitigation in the event of a fire. While the layout and design are prescribed according to DIN 14096, the scope and contents vary, depending on the use of the building. Whether your business is a hospital, school, production plant or storage site – we apply our extensive experience to ensure your specific safety needs are met in proper planning and documentation.

Fortify your fire safety with certified fire safety documents that are created according to best practices and updated safety regulations: Contact us for a free assessment and consultation.

Designing effective fire safety regulations that are tailored to meet your needs requires both expertise in fire safety and the ability to document the organisation’s activities, processes and fire safety methods in a comprehensive and useful manner. Leverage our expert experience gained from over 3,000 fire protection projects to document your fire safety procedures properly!

Escape and rescue plans: Fire protection documents as a vital guide

Concise, easy to understand and clear – that is what proper escape and rescue plans should reflect in their design and use. Our professionally-created plans are precise, brief and meet fire regulatory requirements and industry standards. Outlining essential information without being too busy to risk missing key information, our motto is: “make the important things clear and easy to see”. Our clear documents also help fire authorities conduct their testing, resulting in a faster release of your applications.

Increase your safety with clear fire escape and rescue plans. Consult with experts from our wholly owned subsidiary Let’s talk!

Fire fighting documentation that works with local fire fighting services

Correct and fast decisions require accurate and fast information. When every second counts, it is critical that all essential fire safety information and any helpful points be available at a glance – clearly without any ambiguity. While DIN 14675 is binding, there is no standardized template. To ensure that your documentation reflects all regulatory, technical and operational fire fighting aspects, we review and optimize it. Our work is conducted in close cooperation with the local fire fighting services, aligning your documentation with their specifications and regulatory retuirements.

Simplify processes and optimise your documentation. Consult with our experts from our wholly owned subsidiary Let’s talk!

Addressing seating plans in fire safety documentation to ensure safe events

Conferences, election demos, plays, concerts, football games, television and cultural events – such situations place a lot of people within a specific perimeter. It goes without saying that ensuring safety in such events is critical. This is particularly challenging when it comes to fire safety.

After conducting a measured analysis of your event location and specific rooms and spaces, we create a suitable seating concept that complies with fire safety regulations and requirements.

Ensure that your event meets the strictest industry and legal fire safety standards by consulting with our specialists in our wholly owned subsidiary Let’s talk!

Fire service plans in accordance with DIN 14095

Firefighters face a high level of risk in their everyday work. They often risk their own lives in their efforts to protect people, the environment and property.

In the field, they are often confronted with a range of unknown factors, such as dealing with hazardous materials and highly toxic gases that are released by the fire, or having to navigate quickly through a building’s layout, corridors and staircases, facing poor visibility due to smoke. These examples raise the importance of having updated and clear fire service plans.

An effective fire service plan facilitates:

  • Faster preparation for deployment
  • Better orientation within a building
  • More accurate assessment of the situation

Having a fire service plan helps emergency personnel be better informed about the dangers within and around the building, as well as on fire protection equipment and measures that are available, which may support the fire services in their tasks.

DIN 14095 created a standard which defines the basic content of a fire service plan:

  • General property information in the form of a short summary of the most important data for the fire service.
  • A fire service overview plan which shows the immediate surroundings of the property with includes areas accessible to the fire service, the supply of water for fire fighting, and the fire detection information point.
  • A fire service detailed plan or floor plans which show the layout of the individual floors or building areas with detailed critical information such as: fire protection technology and hazardous materials.

Mitigate damages and losses with clear, effective and DIN 14095 compliant fire service plans. Consult with experts from our wholly owned subsidiary Let’s talk!

Audit documents: long-term quality assurance

After completion of the fire safety planning project, we document the fire protection status using audit plans and modifications. Our documents are prepared in a clear, compact and structured way. For us – it’s a key part of quality assurance. For you – it’s a useful source of accessible and organized data. You will have the necessary information at reach in the event of queries and inspections from authorities or internal fire safety officers, external inquiries from insurers, and during further decision-making or subsequent modifications.


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