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Danger Management Services

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Danger management systems consulting integrates the wide range of connected and stand-alone physical and virtual security systems. We assess your danger management systems, including emergency response, perimeter protection and access control, to ensure accurate detection of the danger and seamless resolution according to approved and standardized procedures.

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Professional assessment and consolidation planning of the various building and perimeter alert, surveillance, communication and protection systems and IT infrastructure for enhanced protection and preventative capabilities.

Self-contained systems which are often integrated into unified danger management systems:

  • Fire alarm systems
  • Video surveillance systems
  • Burglar alarm systems
  • Access control systems
  • Voice alarm systems
  • Communication systems
  • Building control systems
  • Automation technology
  • Geo information systems
  • Data security solutions

Planning and Implementation Benefits:

  • The often stand-alone systems are assessed to create integrated systems that optimize building and perimeter protection.

  • Independent physical security systems are integrated to seamlessly interact for efficient danger detection and mitigation.

  • The scalable structure of danger management architecture enables setting up and mapping single and multiple user systems across sites and boundaries.

  • Detection and resolution of dangers are carried out according to approved standardized procedures, boosting risk prevention and regulatory compliance.
  • Upon implementation, employees are trained centrally on a uniform software platform, significantly reducing training costs.

  • Efficient logging results in precise history entries for organised documentation and accurate evaluation of message and alarm processing.

  • Integrated planning of danger management systems enables companies to effectively manager their evolving physical security needs (e.g. facility expansion).

  • Customized solutions that meet regulatory and industry-specific requirements, enable choosing the optimal technical and cost-effective module.

Fabian Roth

B.Eng. (Rescue Engineering)
Authorised representative / Security Systems Evangelist
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