Impressions – Fire protection officer training 2016

Training to become a fire protection officer training 2016 in pictures


Practice day

During the Training to become a fire protection officer practice day, you will learn about handling various extinguishing agents in your own experiment. This is so that you, as a future fire protection officer, will know exactly how the different extinguishing agents react to various flammable substances. This enables you to choose the right extinguishing agent in your everyday work.


Water extinguisher

Water extinguisher in use: The water extinguisher quickly finds its limits when it comes to liquid fires.



Foam extinguisher

Foam extinguishers are suitable for liquid fires – these have a better effect.



ABC-powder extinguisher

The frequently utilised ABC powder extinguisher also has a good extinguishing effect. However, participants quickly realise that the powder settles into all the cracks and crevices. This can lead to serious material damage: complex cleaning work is necessary.


Even at the time of purchase, you should take into account the damage caused by an extinguishing agent in the event of a fire. The well considered purchase of a suitable extinguishing agent for the relevant hazardous areas therefore has economic benefits too.

Grease fire

Extinguish a grease fire with water? Not a good idea! You can see here what happens:

Impressionen 2016 - ausbildung zum Brandschutzbeauftragten


Fire blanket

The much safer and more effective solution: Simply put the lid on the pot! Or smother the fire with a fire blanket.

Deckel drauf_3540


Wall hydrants and fire extinguishers

It is also good to become more familiar with wall hydrants and fire hoses in practice. This will help you understand the benefits and limitations that these facilities have in actual use.

Wandhydrant und Feuerlöscher_3864


Fire station

During the guided tour through the fire station, the participants receive information on how the fire brigade works and prepares for their job. This is where you, as a fire protection officer, can find out what you can do within your company to facilitate the fire brigade’s work. This will enable rescue measures to be quicker and more effective.



Respiratory protection

To further deepen your understanding of the fire brigade’s work, you may also like to practice being a firefighter and search for people whilst wearing respiratory protection.



The turntable ladder

Riding in the turntable ladder is also part of the programme: From the basket you get a different perspective and find out what deployment areas the fire brigade need.



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