Fire protection consulting from experienced planners

Expertise in operational fire protection

Fire protection needs to be integrated as early as possible when planning new buildings and converting existing ones. It should play a key role in all considerations, including when choosing the right building materials, fire protection technologies, and organisational fire protection systems.

We help you save time and money by reviewing approval procedures quickly and effectively, creating and implementing customised ideas.

As your experts in fire protection, we create comprehensive fire protection plans and reports, communicate with the relevant trades and authorities, and monitor the various implementation phase – in a time and cost effective manner with excellent results.

We offer you our expertise and experience; as consultants and experts; as evaluators and surveyors; as partners; and as a reliable constant by your side.

Our fire protection services

Uncompromising preventative structural fire protection 

“Years of experience, scientific methodical expertise, and simulated calculations form the basis for reliable plans and a solid foundation!”

As established engineering and fire protection experts, we offer an extensive portfolio of consulting services. As planners and intermediaries, we efficiently evaluate and carry out the structural, technical and organisational tasks on behalf of architects, property developers, and general contractors.

Whether an industrial, commercial or administrative property; an individual building or property complex, we create high-quality, comprehensive fire protection plans and reports, communicate with the involved trades and authorities, and monitor the various implementation phases, all in a time and cost effective manner.

We create sound agreements on your behalf and guarantee in-depth information, documentation, and services – complete and intelligible – from a unified source. Our professional planners and fire protection experts offer effective and top-tier preventative fire protection within a framework and budget.



Fire Protection Planning

Strengthen prevention with expert fire safety know-how

“Within the network of structural, technical and organisational regulations, our fire protection planning shows you the safe way to fulfill the diverse requirements.” We leverage our industry expertise to constructively analyse [...]

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Fire Prevention Engineering

Gain prevention-by-design with expert methods and supervision

Effective fire protection is achieved through fire prevention engineering that follows up-to-date practices, combines empirical research and technology. “Science has created the models that make it possible for us to calculate the risk [...]

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Fire Protection Documents and Graphics

Achieve clear, compliant, and concise fire protection plans

Fire protection documents and graphics: effective organisational fire protection Effective fire safety documents and graphics clearly outline the measures and actions of a company’s organisational fire protection, facilitating fire prevention and [...]

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Training and Seminars for Fire Protection

Better fire safety knowledge: Progress is born out of dialogue

"We cultivate professional exchange of information for sharing knowledge, expanding horizons and communicating with you on an equal footing." Transfer of knowledge - sharing best practices in fire safety skills [...]

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Andreas Huck

B.Sc. (Security & Safety Engineering)
Specialist in fire protection

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Confidentiality is an important element of security.

This is why, unfortunately, we cannot provide you with any detailed information on individual projects. In isolated cases, we will do our best to obtain the consent of the site operator.

Fortbildungslehrgang für Brandschutzbeauftragte in Bühl/Baden.
Date: 09.12.2016
Place: Bühl/ Baden
In diesem Workshop habe Sie als Brandschutzbeauftragter die Möglichkeit, sich über Probleme und Lösungswege aus ihrem Betrieb mit Fachdozenten und anderen Brandschutzbeauftragten auszutauschen. Hierbei können verschiedene Lösungswege und ...
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