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Our mission

We established Concepture to effectively manage organisations’ security-related challenges with intelligent concepts and impactful solutions.

What we believe in …

Security is a fundamental right

In modern society, everyone has the right to security.

Since 2001, we have been focusing our efforts on creating better solutions to protect people, organisations, and information. Our mission is to deliver the most effective physical and cyber security solutions.

Only comprehensive security strategies are effective

“More is better” is just not true. Applying the maximum level of security measures will inevitably lead to the minimum level of their acceptance. Moreover, the increase in security levels inevitably ends up creating the opposite result – people, or employees in the work context, end up feeling less comfortable and more vulnerable.

Therefore, the key to effective security lies in putting intelligent security strategies in place:  The implementation of technical and organisational measures that can anticipate peoples’ reactions and provide a user-friendly experience.

Digitalisation makes us vulnerable – particularly when it comes to information security

The Internet is changing society and the economy faster than any other technical revolution to date. The more a business model depends on data, the greater the damage that can be caused by a security incident.
Above all, digitalisation means a dramatic increase in the scalability and operational pace of organizations. Cyber and physical risks, such as a data breach or fire, cause serious harm and have a damaging effect on the organisation’s ability to compete on the market.

A ship is safe in harbour — but that is not what ships are built for  (William Shedd)

Being entrepreneurial and undergoing economic growth have always required risk-taking. We ensure that our clients’ safety and security related risks are managed effectively and remain calculable. We achieve this by planning and assisting in the implementation of suitable safety measures that meet the specific needs of the business, enabling stronger overall protection without detrimentally affecting operations.

ISO 27001 Certification
Information security as a cause of company growth and success
With ISO 27001 certification we show your (potential) clients that you are a reliable business partner. It shows you take information security seriously. In times of a wide range of security risks, this really makes you stand out from your competitors ...
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