Building and IT security consulting services

We develop security strategies and plans that meet the highest standards of protection:

We design and implement security strategies tailored to meet all your needs. Customised down to the finest detail and reliably anchored in practice, an experienced team of interdisciplinary specialists guide you throughout the security consulting process, from preliminary clarification to successful completion.

We guarantee:

  • A customised and comprehensive approach
  • Impartial and independent consulting
  • Efficient and cost-effective implementation
  • Functional and sustainable practices

Our specialised knowledge:

  • Interdisciplinary and international expertise
  • Proven and sound methodologies
  • Long-standing and valued experience
  • Broad and deep knowledge of the security market

Our security consulting services

Uncompromising quality of service

Technological progress, increasing networks and growing globalisation create new areas of activity and increasingly complex tasks. With these possibilities come the challenges of protecting people, processes, data integrity, and physical assets.

Consistently solution-oriented

With many providers offering niche solutions, we cover the entire spectrum of security and safety issues: We identify and assess potential risks, evaluate existing security standards by testing with experts, and apply the results to create a solid foundation for sustainable solutions.

Benefit from:

  • A broad range of services offered from a single source
  • A personal contact for all security matters
  • Focused know-how and binding statements
  • Systematic analyses of priorities for cost-benefit results
  • Flexible service modules for customised offerings
  • Tailored solutions instead of standardised modules



Manuel Bohé

MBA / Managing Director
Senior Security Consultant

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Confidentiality is an important element of security.
This is why, unfortunately, we cannot provide you with any detailed information on individual projects. In isolated cases, we will do our best to obtain the consent of the site operator.

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